Welcome to Southern Generator!

Southern Generator was recently started in 2018 by Paul Elswick.  After working for over 20 years in the service and supply industry, he had opportunities presented to him that would change his life. Guided by his faith in God he became the one person his customers could count on. His level of service and knowledge in the field earned him the respect and trust of his customers that would become the foundation of his business. After owning and operating a successful business for over 10 years, Paul moved from Indiana to North Carolina to be closer to family.  After settling in, Paul decided to open another business based off the coast of North Carolina after realizing the need when power losses struck the coast.

At Southern Generator, we believe in taking care of our customers on a face to face level. 

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Certified dealer for Briggs and Stratton Power Systems, serving the coast of North Carolina.

FREE quote after determining proper generator wattage for your home.

Keeping costs low for you while still getting the quality equipment you need.

Annual and Semi Annual Service Agreements to leave your generator in good mechanical condition.